Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello There Stranger

Hi I'm Niko-Kitten.  I'm a twenty something Hapa/of mixed race: Black, Asian (Korean and Chinese), and Caucasian. I've appreciated foreign languages/culture. media, and  international cooking all of my life to some degree, but I've never truly explored it much. There's always something more pressing to do or not enough folks in my daily life that have even the slightest interest in these topics. Also, if I'm being honest, I've previously been very gunshy to show too much interest in Asian things, because it would lead to complicated explanations since I neither present phenotypically as Asian nor do I really associate myself as such (Ok well I do partly, but not intensely and not to the point where I'd choose to  bring it up in conversation. A post on this is in the works).

 But  Korean language and media blew me away in 2011. The throaty phonetic quality, the polished snark-like  poetry of  the Korean language, lurking in what might appear bland sentences, and the addictive music, movies, and shows blew me away in 2011. And I've chosen to get over myself and  pursue learning the language and exploring Asian culture, media, and cooking seriously as of this Summer 2013. I want to share this bumpy ride with other curious bystanders, other Hapas, or  language learners/ kind fluent speakers willing join me. Other topics will likely appear, most likely my crafts or daily life updates; hopefully they'll amuse.

I'm  currently studying Korean and Japanese, with Polyglottery being the long term goal, and exploring the object of my passion until further notice. 

Nice to meet you. 始めまして。만나서 반갑습니다. (^-^*)/




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