Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are you there Korean? It's me Bella.

Thought I'd share my so called game plan for my studies currently. As part of my new years resolution, I'm spending at very least an hour engaged in language study related activities every day ( no matter what ) and 1 hr listening to spoken Korean.

  • I'm using the lessons + different youtube vlogs and Elementary Korean as my core sources. I'm supplementing with translating simple unknown sentences I encounter
  • Rosetta stone for the vocal pitch recognition ( though I must admit It's not what I expected, but it was a gift so...).
  • I review lessons of flash card in m spare time during the day and I practice my Hangul touch typing with web games.
  • I watch a show or movie or listen to for an hour for the listening requirement. It' s pretty motivating to catch a phrase or word here and there.
  • And Finally I have a native born Korean friend will to have simple conversation text chats with me. But I'm still in the crawling baby stage, where that can only go so far lol.
Sounds like overkill, but an hour+ a day flys past. An avg day might break down to a 17 min audio lesson, 3 mins or less of text chat, 15 mins playing a children's typing game for 20 mins, 20 mins learning a new chapter portion from my text book, and about 5 mins making flashcard of the new vocabulary gained from today's study. And for the listening to native speaker bit, I can watch an episode of Strong heart before bed or listen to Kpop for an hour while making dinner or doing laundry. I use a language log to keep track of where I left off in the different areas and to keep me accountable. Fingers crossed the routine will continue to go smoothly.

Good luck fellow learners ^^. What methods or materials are you using? How's it going so far?


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