Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Fluency Chronicles: TTMIK Lvl 1 Lssn 17 Past Tense / -았/었/였어요 (했어요)

Annyeonghaseyo Yeorobun,

Blast from the past verb conjugation time this go round. Similar in formular to present tense. a__, eu___, & yeo__. but this time  the addition being "sseo-yo" instead  of "yo". so:

verbs with the vowels  or  = _____    았어
Everything else =  었어요
verbs ending in 하   =      였어요 

Easy Peasy, which ends up essentially being just adding -sseo before the -yo of what ever it's preset tense is. ex.

놀다 [nol-da] (Verb stem = 놀 [nol]) = to play, to hang out
Present Tense: 놀아요 [no-ra-yo]
Past Tense: 놀았어요 [no-ra-sseo-yo]

or well it was until you get to anomalies like

기다리다 [gi-da-ri-da] (Verb stem = 기다리 [gi-da-ri]) = to wait
Present Tense: 기다려요 [gi-da-ryeo-yo] (NOT 기다리어요)
Past Tense: 기다렸어요 [gi-da-ryeo-sseo-yo]

I think that it has something to do with the verb stem literally ending in a vowel. seems like one vowel has to drop. in this case the "i" in "ri" but I'm just guessing mind you.

On the other hand I haven't the foggiest what's going on here pronunciation wise:

멋있다 [meo-sit-da] (Verb stem = 멋있 [meo-sit]) = to be cool, to be awesome
Present Tense: 멋있어요 [meo-si-sseo-yo] 
Past Tense: 멋있었어요 [meo-si-sseo-sseo-yo]

why though they're on the bottom of syllable do ㅅ+ ㅆ retain the "s" sound instead of being "t". Is it because they are between vowels?  and how do you know to pronounce  them as part of the next syllable  instead of the one they're written as part of? I'll ask the TTMIK teachers, but perhaps I should just start drilling verbs and tenses as they are instead trying to understand the grammar on this one. ha ha... yeah like that's gonna happen lol. Anyways I've earned my breakfast on this one, I'd rate the difficulty 5/10. ^_^

열심히 일하고 있습니다! ~Let's work Hard!~


P.S. I will ask the teachers later today it seems, after my long comment magically disappear I'll need a breather before I reattempt lol.


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