Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Fluency Chronicles: TTMIK Lvl 1 Lssn 16 Basic Present Tense / -아요, -어요, -여요

Annyeohaseyo Yorobun,

I've been doing something a little different lately. It seems the language learning standard is audio  then text. But my dark and twisty lil mind has been making progress doing the opposite. working though the text first seems to be the ticket so far, so I'll keep it up for now.

I've been looking forward to conjugating verbs. In the past when I've failed miserably at translating songs, much of it had to do with being in the dark in this area. I learned how to express events are happening now from this lesson.

All I need to do is.

drop the -다
add the verb stem to
아야  if the last vowel is    or
어야  if the last vowel is anything else other than ( ㅗ,ㅏ,or 하)
여야 if it ends in 

so for example:

좋 + 아요  -> 'this (now) is fun' or literally 'fun it is'.
*Gotta love the subj+ obj + verb Yoda speak lol*

Always wondered at why meokda became 'meogeoyo' or the hae yo in 'saranghaeyo', let there be light. ^_^

열심히 일하고 있습니다! ~Let's work Hard!~


P.S. it's also explored lightly that adding the verb hada to any noun makes it a verb. Fun times. xD


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